Ecom Success Academy Review – Adrian Morrison ESA

If you have ever looked up online a course for e-commerce, for sure you have heard the name Adrian Morrison. He has a course called the Ecom Success Academy, or ESA for short.

Adrian Morrisson is a respected marketer and has seen huge success in just a few years. He started off with a one product website selling glowing dog collars. He ended up selling hundred of thousands of dollars of those collars on his website. He then knew the power of leveraging Facebook Marketing with an ecommmerce store.

He has gone on to make millions of dollars in ecom and has created a course. The price tag of this course is not cheap, it’s about 2500 dollars USD.

ESA Review

If you have the money for the course, then it’s not a bad buy. Keep in mind there are no refunds for the course so you’re going to have to deal with paying off quite a substantial payment. He does have a 3 pay option but it ends up being more expensive.

In total, you will find the course having 8 modules. The modules include all below:

1. Shopify – Here, Adrian goes through a complete setup of Shopify from start to finish. He shows you how to properly setup a store and optimize it.

2. Sourcing Products – In this module you learn how to find products and what you should avoild.

3. Facebook – The Facebook Module is huge, learning all about setting up your ad manager from running and tweaking your ads.

4. Email Marketing – Adrian stresses the importance of email marketing and why your store needs it

5. Building Your A Team – when you are successful, he shows you how to get outsourcers.

6. Project Management – When your store grows, he shows you how to properly manage it.

7. Longterm exit plan – here, if you want to sell your store, he shows you how to do it.

8. Bonuses

Overall, ESA is a very long course and you do get a lot of training. He also will update the course so if you bought it a couple years ago, anything new carries over.

If there are any cons to the course it is the price. I have seen some courses out there that don’t cost as much but provide almost the same value.

You can end up saving money and get something not as expensive while using the money that you save towards ad campaigns on Facebook. However you must be sure that the course you buy is adequate like Adrians.

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