Internet Gurus: Who Are They and How do I Buy Into the Right One?

To trust or not to trust an internet guru, that is the question. In today’s saturated market where every other website owner or blogger claims the name “guru,” it’s difficult to tell trap from truth. Coupled with unprecedented growth of opportunities in e-commerce and affiliate marketing, more and more beginners are seeking guidance on how to exploit the opportunity and grow their businesses.

In comes the gurus, also known as wisdom consultants. Gurus are teachers, guides, holders of certain knowledge which they impart to their “students.” The end goal for a real guru is to impart valuable knowledge that will make tangible differences and success in their students’ businesses. This same opportunity for growth has been the breeding ground for fake gurus; there to exploit beginners’ inexperience and turn it into quick cash. Their treasure trove of knowledge is, in reality, old ideas packaged in shiny new modern font and photos of their own success. This high-end, good looking recycled knowledge preys on beginners’ desperation for success and fears of their investments failing.

The quality of internet gurus is a mixed bag. There is a fair share of great gurus whose real mission is to impart knowledge and value that lead to success. Internet gurus generally operate in the same platform; the internet. For you, the searcher of knowledge, this makes it easier for you to analyze and sift through their information to find real quality.

There are ways you can sift information to find out the reliability of the gurus.

Verifiable personal results in their niche area

Gurus often have grand claims about how their strategies have been the key to their success to six-figure values. You obviously want a peek into their strategy! But first, take the time to find out whether their claims are reliable. Thanks to the internet, a quick Google search on industry leaders in their niche can give you answers on whether they are the best as they claim to be or inflating their achievements. Some may show a snapshot of their sales trends to prove their claims. But, be wary because such snapshots can be lifted right off Google images.

Value and knowledge can be discerned from their free courses and resources

Giving you a taste test is a sales tactic, and a smart consumer can use the taste test to discern whether the item is worth an investment. Same can be said for internet guru sample packages such as free courses and resources. How much value do you take away from these free sources? This is a good indicator that the person has more in store and likely that your money for the full course will be well spent.

They are honest about the process

Reliable wisdom consultants don’t shy from telling the truth about the difficulty of the process to success. Rather than bombarding you with details of their successful life, they are honest about the process being difficult and they give you information to make the process a bit easier.

When it comes down to it, there’s plenty of knowledge around e-commerce and affiliate marketing. The trick is knowing how to put it together into a strategic approach to grow your business. This is a process, often knowledge can be obtained through trial and error on your own—but even more efficient if it can be obtained from someone who has done the work for you.

Having an online course that has already digested the information, tried it and came up with even more effective tactics is awesome! But it must be great value for money too because it’s an investment. Because it’s an investment, taking the time to research gurus and their track records is key to getting you a good fit.


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